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Your One-Stop IT Solutions Provider

AugustComms is an IT company which was founded in 2015, by a group of IT veterans in various disciplines such as telco, security, data analytics, and applications development.

We are motivated to deliver IT solutions and services in a different manner, tailored to our customers' business needs.

AugustComms believes that technologies can be used to enable businesses in a more optimized and cost effective manner.


Empowers Your Business

Strive to bring the best of  breed technology to our customers to optimize their business, securely and cost-effectively.

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CyberSecurity Defence

- Security Posture Assessment & Management
- Application Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing
- Incident Detection and Response

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Data Analytics

- Data Extraction, Transformation and Visualization
- Business & Operational Intelligence
- Behavioural Analytics

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Managed Services

- Managed SCADA Security and Compliance
- Managed Security Incident Detection & Response 
- Managed IT Services

Our Partners

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