The Essential Platform for Financial and Economic Intelligence

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Essential Information

Our databank covers various sectors, from energy and mining, to agriculture and biotechnology, providing top-of-the- line quality for corporate market, and financial data, to enable strategic decision making with deep insights.

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Competitive Analysis

Fully understand the market forces and competitive influences. Identifying relevant market segments and developing effective strategies.  

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Contextual Intelligence

Contextual Intelligence Our platform integrates the data using both Artificial Intelligence and expert analysis to provide strategic knowledge and contextual knowledge on sectoral dynamics to enhance traditional market data supporting your decision making.  

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Rich Insights

Our analysis platform allows for highly customizable visual displays designed to deliver insightful information, enabling a deeper understanding that you need to stay ahead in the constantly evolving market situation.                


Integrated Economic Data Services

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Data As a Service

Our analysts ensure the integrity and veracity of the data on our database, providing researchers with the highest quality of clean, consistent, and integrated, data for academic standards.

Our engineers ensure the consistency of data delivery in machine- readable format, using API service for plug-and-play solutions to enable extensive modelling using both our models and customised machine learning models.

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Domain Models

Our proprietary model allows researchers to build a persistent profile of a country or a sector, and make comparative models across the countries or sectors. This ontological model allows for a comprehensive outlook about sectoral dynamics between countries, or industries within and between sectors. While our domain model was built on a persistent ontology, it still allows room for a lot of creativity and intuitive approach using our data visualisation scheme. 

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Intelligent Dashboards

Whether researchers opts to use our service using API or using web interface, our data visualisation suite uses the same schema of our ontological domain model to simplify the pipeline. Using a drag-and-drop interface for our visualisation building blocks, we eliminate the need for SQL queries and allow researchers to focus on the research, customising the visualisation to suit their needs, and compare indicators with ease.

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Simplified Research Pipelines

Our domain model and visualisation suite allows researchers to focus on their research by predicting the blocks required to enrich an indicator or a comparative model according to a logical schema built inside the persistent profile. For researchers interested in focusing on their reasoning and data analysis, our system eliminates the tedious tasks of collecting, cleansing, and preparing the data for analysis.

All our data are available as building main blocks for your research needs.            


Social, Demographic, and Cultural Monitor

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Social Cultural Crossover

Enculture exists as a bridge between the scale of complexity and interconnection between social and cultural aspects across demographic.

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Machine + AI + Experts

Enculture utilises state of the art machine learning, combining with artificial intelligence and expert knowledge to segment and categorise the population into meaningful groups. 

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Supports customising specific demographic groups to allow marketers to create the most effective strategy to discover, analyse, and penetrate their intended market in the most cost effective way.

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Data Enrichment

Combining insights from external or own market research to further enrich the data for more granularity and content to aid more precise and tangible way of formulating strategy.            

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