Building BCP for your company during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Together we can overcome

Currently in Singapore, we have 50 confirmed cases and looking at the trend, it is nowhere near the end. Many companies are requested to exercise their pandemic flu response or business continuity plan for precaution purposes. While some companies which undergone the SARS period (in early 2003), they would have some form of BCP inplace, but alot of the companies which we have visited, still very clueless to this.

There is a published document from the Ministry of Manpower on how to develop a Business Continuity Plan.

Below are the summarize points for ease of reading:

- Business Impact Analysis
  - List down the various depts and their functions before performing business impact analysis on each functions
  - The main objective is to evaluate which are the critical functions and what are the requirements needed to keep it operational. For example, excel files, document forms or even desktop PCs
  - Once the requirements are identified, ready solutions can be sourced to address these requirements. Such as, if desktop PCs are required for certain staffs to work from home, we can leverage on Teamviewer or AnyDesk. Other important digital files can be made available through cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google or Dropbox

We all understand that every business has it own unique operation flow, and it might be hard to address all areas at once. We recommend to start small, and take a few quick wins. Once achieved some results, then can move down the list. If you need any further advice on how to embark on your BCP, feel free to email us at