Improving your Security Posture

Phase Approach

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Alot of the companies today are faced with security challenges. Beside having to ensure availability, they now need to tackle the security aspect of their IT assets. From security monitoring to keeping assets patched up-to-date, there are tons of tasks but limited resources available.

In AugComms, we have created a phase approach for our customers who are looking into improving their overall security posture. Rather than introducing different types of security products into the environment, we worked with our customers to understand their current setup, their available resources and also their objectives. From there, we will tailor the phases accordingly, so that the customers have a clear idea on where are they at, where are they going next, and what are the objectives met in the next stage. This is important as it gives a clear idea and understanding before acquiring the solution and embarking on the changes within the environment.

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